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Review: 2014 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

So many beautiful people and many beautiful outfits… with a couple fashion mishaps slipped in. I still need to watch the actual award show but I just HAD to review the fashion first.

Selena Gomez

This Julien MacDonald dress is so cute. It almost reminds me of the 20’s flapper dresses with that fringe. The sheer neckline and sleeve detail add such a nice touch to the ensemble. I love the earrings and shoes so so much but the hair just seems a bit too high. That’s just my personal taste though, the dress is already so out there, it would’ve been nice if the hair had been a bit more relaxed to balance it out.

Emma Watson

Stunning, as always. Emma looks so beautiful in this Maxine Simoens dress. The neckline is so unique and eye catching. The whole dress reminds me of an abstract painting. I love the blue print, it gives a nice pop of color. This monochromatic outfit is so gorgeous, and Emma looks gorgeous in it.

Kim Kardashian

Umm… The dress itself is very pretty, but it’s not exactly flattering. The billowing sleeves are very cool but overall I’m not a very big fan. 

Kerry Washington

Michael Kors did it again. This gown is beautiful! I love the train, the way it’s incorporated into the black dress is a bit odd but Kerry definitely pulls it off. The simple hair and makeup compliments this eye catching gown very well

Kylie Jenner

Kylie looks so beautiful in this outfit! The simplicity of it lets her natural beauty shine through but is also very chic and cute. Everything is balanced perfectly from the sophisticatedness of her pencil skirt to the relaxed waves in her hair its all amazing.

Bella Thorne

Bella looks so beautifully sophisticated in this Emporio Armani pantsuit. The color and sheen of the fabric brings a fun spin on a very simple ensemble. Bella’s hair also looks stunning against the cream.

Quvenzhane Wallis

Can we please talk about how absolutely adorable she looks with her little cat purse and purple denim jacket? So cute.

Jamie Foxx and Corinne Bishop

Oh my goodness. Corinne is so stunning! That lbd is so flattering and the texture gives it a more interesting look. And Jamie looks cool as ever in his leather jacket and graphic tee.

Holland Rodden

Donna Karan did such a great job with this dress, it’s beautiful!! The mesh in the skirt is inspired and the neckline gives the outfit such a WOW factor. I also love the super peep toe heels. Absolutely perfect.

Hayley Williams

I personally am such a big fan of Zara and Topshop, they’re two of my favorite stores. This outfit is a bit eccentric but Hayley is definitely pulling it off. 

Snoop Dog

Oh dear. Where to start?? Well for starters everything seems to fit large. Then theres the fact that the colors on top sort of clash. Oh golly gee. I give up trying to explain this one. It’s very “snoop dog”

Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed!!! You look so good! I love the coral lace and tulle combo. It’s so so pretty. [TEEN WOLF SPOILER WARNING] We’ll miss you as Alison! Beacon Hills won’t be the same without your hunting skills.

Jessica Lu

I am in love with this dress, holy cow it’s beautiful. I don’t know which part I love most the eye popping color or the contrast between that and the black lace!

Hana Mae Lee

Uhh, what is going on here? Is that a cigarette on her head? I’m deeply confused. I love the dress though, the neckline and detailing on the bust is so unique and cool.

Tom Hiddleston

Here is the wonderful Tom Hiddleston looking dapper as ever in a nicely tailored suit. Look at that smile, what a sweetheart.

Ariana Grande

The “Right There” singer looking ever so cute in a gorgeous white dress! Paired beautifully with her classic nude pumps. Her hair and makeup are both on point. Overall, a super cute outfit.


Oh no… yet another eccentric artist with an eccentric outfit. Honestly, he would’ve looked so classy and smart without the cape thing.

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Everyone was great!! These are just my opinions, please don’t get mad at me or offended!

~Tia xo

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In case any of you use this great website/app to keep track of all your blogs, here you go! Hit that follow button, it’d be greatly appreciated :D

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alloua asked: "Wait what about the white pants. I love you Tia, marry me"

I love you too, just give me a time and place bby

~Tia xo

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Review: Kid’s Choice Awards 2014

The fashion of the KCA’s was, for the most part, gorgeous. Bright colors and artsy prints seemed to be on trend for that event.

Ariana Grande

This yellow dress is absolutely gorgeous with Ariana’s skin tone! The cut is also very chic, I’m in love. Don’t even get me started on her purse! I’m obsessed! The Rugrats stickers add an adorable child-like quality that I’m absolutely in love with. The Chanel purse is so chic and sophisticated, the stickers balance that perfectly for the event. Agh, I’m so in love with it. I just wish Ariana had done something withe her hair, I mean, she looks stunning but her hair is just a bit awkward. 

Lea Michelle

I love the color of this beautiful sundress. The lace adds a cute touch of detail that I absolutely adore. The seams at the torso could be reconsidered  for a more sleek look, but its gorgeous anyway. The shoes are stunning as well, so is the jewelry. They’re so simple and chic, I love it.

Bella Thorne

Bella’s hair is so gorgeous, I’m in love. The romper is also very cute but I think it would have been a little cuter as a dress, but its very cute this way! The shorts part are nicely tailored and look very professional. I also love the shoes, so pretty.

Selena Gomez

I’m obsessed with this! The print is so artistic and elegant. Plus, the black and white image, contrasted with the bright geometric trim makes the whole ensemble perfectly balanced.

Olivia Holt

The pattern of this outfit is incredibly stylish and artsy. Not to mention the fact that it is accessorized perfectly. The Nickelodeon star looks stunning.

Coco Jones

This is amazing! The detail on the crop top adds the perfect amount of texture, and the skirt has such a beautiful print. This whole ensemble is so classy and sophisticated. The accessories are also beautiful!

Victoria Justice

The style of this dress is beautiful and compliments Victoria’s figure beautifully. I’m also in love with those heels! She just looks so elegant and nice.


This is a very interesting ensemble. Zendaya seems to have pulled off the denim shorts for an award show! She looks so chic and cute! The only questionable thing is the socks, they’re an odd length. But overall, nice job!

~Tia xo

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Anonymous asked: "Cute pink or white lace lingerie please?? Not the really sexy kind but the sweet kind :) thanks lovelies! 😘"

I like Forever 21 lingerie since you’re not looking for anything too sexy, plus it’s super affordable :)
Here are some other cute lingerie sets (I can’t promise the affordability though):
1. Modcloth
2. John Lewis
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Elle MacPhearson
5. Anthropologie

then of course theres Victoria’s Secret

I hope I helped!!

~Tia xo

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Anonymous asked: "Could you do outfits with cardigans and crop tops and high-waisted shorts?? Thank you Tia!! Love ya! :)"

posted! I hope you like them :) It’s actually a really simple outfit, try this:

  1. buy a couple solid colored cardigans (black, white/cream, etc.)
  2. get a few pairs of high waisted shorts (light wash, dark wash, black, printed)
  3. then go purchase some cute crop tops, forever 21 has a huge amount for around $4-$10
  4. mix and match! make sure the colors and prints look good together though (don’t wear blue with brown, etc.)

I hope this helped!!!! :)

~Tia xo

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Anonymous asked: "How to style a fake flower crown with small pink roses with a very pale tan sweater? (I'm sending a pick of the sweater :P) thank you so much! I just bought these two and I really need to know how to wear them stylishly together (if they should be worn together)"

Hi, lovely! I hope you’re having a great day.

The flower crown sounds super cute! I didn’t get the picture but I’ll try to make do without it :)

The degree of the two pieces matching is really dependent on the shade of tan, if it’s close to a beige color they should look just fine together.

For a sort of boho look try a pair of light medium wash high waisted shorts (one, two) with the sweater sort of half tucked in. Then layer some long necklaces (onetwo, three, four) and throw on a pair of strappy brown sandals (one).

For a slightly more dressy look, try a floral skater skirt (one) with a pair of oxfords (one, two) and frilly socks (one, two).

I hope this helps a bit! Let me know how it all works out :)

~Tia xo

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Anonymous asked: "Hi Tia! I'm in love with the floral dress from UO!! :3 I would totally steal that from your closet and wear it everyday :P except I wouldn't look like a model in it like you :P you should post more outfit of the days! I love seeing how you style things for every-day wear! You should also include hair and make up if you can in them- I really need some inspiration!!! Thanks so much lovely! :) xx"

Hi! Thank you so much! The UO dress is one of my favorites too! I would so let you borrow it everyday, I’m sure you’d rock it even better than I do :* 

I am trying to get more outfit of the day pictures but I don’t have a full length mirror and i don’t know how to work the self timer on my camera so I’ll try and get that sorted out, just for you :)

I can try to do more hair posts! I’m usually just a roll-out-of-bed or ponytail girl but on the occasion that I do something presentable with my hair I’ll try to make a hair of the day post! As far as makeup goes though I’m not adventurous enough to go beyond mascara but once I get more comfortable with a makeup brush I’ll try to start on posts about it, to help get you inspired.

Thank you so much for your message, lovely! I hope you have an amazing night (or day, whatever the case is in your timezone). Keep being amazing :)

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Hey guys! So, I’ve been shopping (this is spread out over the past month) recently and oh goodness I’m in LOVE with everything.

Meet my new babies (from the left):
•Forever 21 black maxi dress - $9.99
•Urban Outfitters floral dress - $0 (poshmark trade)
•Forever 21 printed crop top - $8?
•Forever 21 cross back floral crop top - $6?
•Bad Hair Day beanie - $5.57
•Forever 21 black hair elastics - $1
•Forever 21 coral cut out summer dress - $15
•Forever 21 kimono cardi - $19.99
(not pictured)
•Forever 21 gold smiley face bracelet - $2.80
•Wet Seal black maxi skirt - $8

~Tia xo
(send me an ask letting me know which one is your favorite, if any! I love heading from you!)

Hey guys! So, I’ve been shopping (this is spread out over the past month) recently and oh goodness I’m in LOVE with everything.

Meet my new babies (from the left):
•Forever 21 black maxi dress - $9.99
•Urban Outfitters floral dress - $0 (poshmark trade)
•Forever 21 printed crop top - $8?
•Forever 21 cross back floral crop top - $6?
•Bad Hair Day beanie - $5.57
•Forever 21 black hair elastics - $1
•Forever 21 coral cut out summer dress - $15
•Forever 21 kimono cardi - $19.99
(not pictured)
•Forever 21 gold smiley face bracelet - $2.80
•Wet Seal black maxi skirt - $8

~Tia xo
(send me an ask letting me know which one is your favorite, if any! I love heading from you!)

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Anonymous asked: "Beanie and scarves outfits please? 😊❤"

Just posted :) Hope you like it!

Beanies and scarves are actually pretty easy to style :)

~Tia xo

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Anonymous asked: "Okay guys, so I have a bit of a problem: I'm addicted to the show Supernatural, and I would LOVE to wear outfits inspired by the two main characters: hunters of the supernatural and brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. If you haven't seen Supernatural before, you can just look up pics of the two boys if it helps. Could you do an outfit for each please? Thanks sooooo much! Love you guys! Your blog is my life! Xx <3"

Hello new best friend :) I just recently started watching Supernatural (yesterday morning?) and I’m already on Season 2.

From what I’ve noticed Sam and Dean’s biggest worry isn’t fashion but I can try to make their style a little more… stylish :)

Here’s a couple things I’ve noticed they wear quite a bit (when not in disguises)

  • solid colored fitted t shirts (grey, black, and maroon usually)
  • leather jackets (brown)
  • button ups (blues, plaids, or weird stripes)
  • jeans
  • hoodies

I didn’t notice what shoes they wear though sorry. Boots?

I hope this is okay :)

~Tia xo

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Anonymous asked: "Hi Tia! I'm trying out for the dance team soon and I need the perfect outfit for try outs! My school colors are green and gold, if you wanna include that, but you don't have to :) thanks so much!! 😘"

Hey! Good luck on your try out! I hope you get in :)

I am not a dancer so I have no clue what to wear to a dance try out. I could be completely off and give you terrible advice. I would recommend  asking on of the people who got on the team last year.

Heres what I would wear though:

but make the bow a cheer bow :)

Now, like I said, don’t take my advice to heart completely. I don’t know a thing about school sports or dance so I’m not the best person to ask :P

~Tia xo

(ps. I bet you’ll get in! Let me know how it all turns out!)

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Anonymous asked: "Do you have a pintrest?"

Hi! We do have a Pintrest account but I haven’t logged in forever. I don’t even know what the user is to be honest. It’s probably something like thedresscodeoflife too.

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Review: Oscars 2014

Sandra Bullock 

Although I really did not like Sandra’s look for the the Golden Globes (she wore a dress by Prabal Gurung), I must say she cleaned up pretty well for the Oscars; I mean she’s nominated for best actress! Sandra sported a stunning creation by Alexander Wang. It’s simple, yet very appropriate for the Oscars, but because she is nominated for such a highly esteemed award, I think she could have been a little more risk-taking.

Lupita Nyong’o

A huge congratulations to Lupita for winning the award for best actress in a supporting role! Very impressive for a first time nominee to win! As always, Lupita looked gorgeous in this shimmering blue gown by Prada. Some might say that the neckline on this dress is a bit risky, but i think it looks brilliant on her (she’s not that busty; very model-esque). 

Anna Kendrick

Who’s excited for Pitch Perfect 2!? I like how Anna didn’t automatically think, “It’s the Oscars, i have to wear a ball gown!” This unique dress by J. Mendel was a chic choice for the Oscars. I love the mesh in her mid section and the architectural  lines on the neck, the only thing that could be different is the slit in her leg. It’s too much with the mesh, the red, and the lines, but nevertheless she still looked beautiful.

Amy Adams

Simplicity for the Oscars seemed to be the trend. Although I wish more stars took fashion risks, Amy still looked gorgeous in this navy blue dress by Gucci and the pop of color in her earrings was a nice compliment, but i think her hair should have been worn down in a old hollywood starlet style, but that’s just me.

Jennifer Lawrence

No shocker for Jen to wear a gorgeous, yet simplistic dress by Dior Couture, after all she is the new face for Dior advertisements! Her hair looked effortless and although I miss her long locks, I’m beginning to dig her chic cut. She just looked elegant. I will say though, while she was presenting the award for best actor in a leading role she looked a little matronly, maybe she stumbled into bad lighting and her hair fell a little flat. But, who’s excited about her engagement to Nicholas Hoult?! Ugh…I can’t even.

Bradley Cooper

Like Leo (one day you will win), I think that Brad doesn’t get enough credit for his talent as an actor. Nonetheless, he looks quite smart in his tux from Tom Ford, but I wish he would’ve cleaned up the hair (on his head and facial)! I mean it’s the freaking Oscars!

Emma Watson

No matter what red carpet she is on, I am always excited to see what Emma is wearing! Her style and fashion sense is on e of the best in Hollywood. The bottom of her dress by Vera Wang, looks like a blue velvet which is to die for. This dress is smile, elegant, an different from what everyone else chose to wear to the Oscars.

Margot Robbie

I almost didn’t recognize her! Margot went for a darker look this Oscars. I think she looks better blonde, but if she wanted a change who could blame her! This look is just too dark though and this dress by Saint Laurent washes her out. The hair, lips, and dress makes her look older which is a shame because she is beautiful, but don’t you just love her name? It’s so old hollywood.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

My love (heart eye emojiis)! He looked quite spiffy in this suit from the Calvin Klein Collection. How cute was he and Emma when they presented an Oscar?!


Cate Blanchett

This dress by Giorgio Armani is impeccable. It’s so unique and different, it’s like a subdued avant-garde dress. i think the nude color dress works well on Cate and her hair is a gorgeous compliment. And congratulations to her for winning best actress in a leading role for her work in Blue Jasmine!

♡Karleigh Ps- I know Tia already did a review, but I wanted to do one also because I love the Oscars!!
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